Keeping Your Cool, Cooler This Summer

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Nearly half (48 %) of the energy consumed by American homeowners is devoted to heating and cooling. Put another way, this energy consumption costs nearly $5,000 a year. With a few clever efficiency improvements, however, you can beat the national average, saving you both valuable energy and money. Keep it Clean: when it comes to improving the efficiency and performance of your heating and cooling systems, it's important to remember that they are essentially a giant set of mechanical lungs, both inhaling and exhaling air flows.

24 June 2015

Is It Better To Fix A Garage Door Torsion Spring Yourself Or Hire A Professional

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At the top and sides of your garage door, you will find torsion springs. These springs keep tension on the door as it is opened and closed. The most common reasons for garage door torsion springs to break include rust, incorrect springs being used, poor maintenance, and general wear and tear. When the springs are broken, your garage door will not lift or lower, so they must be fixed in order to get the garage door working properly again.

10 June 2015

How To Install Air Terminals On Your Roof As Part Of A Lightning Protection System

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On average, over 4,000 house fires in the United States are started by lightning. This amazing number demonstrates the need for residential lightning protection. One key component of a lightning protection system is the lightning rod, known as an air terminal by those in the trade. The air terminal is where lightning protection begins, and its installation must be done correctly to provide protection for homeowners and to prevent damage to the roof.

20 May 2015

4 Ways To Prevent Algae Buildup In Your Pond

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Having a pond can be one of the most rewarding of all home and gardening experiences. You'll be able to sit near it and enjoy the placid moments that pass you by as you ponder life's simple thoughts. Maintaining a pond, however, can be a difficult proposition. One of the biggest hurdles you'll have to overcome with regard to pond maintenance is preventing algae from forming at the head of your pond.

28 April 2015

How To Keep Orange Peel From Ruining Your Car's Appeal


A picture-perfect finish is the goal of any automotive painter. So it's no wonder why do-it-yourselfers are often disappointed when an otherwise perfect paint finish ends up marred by orange peel. If you want to achieve that beautiful auto paint finish for your vehicle, then you'll want to know how to avoid orange peel and how you can fix it if it happens. What Causes Orange Peel? Orange peel is what happens when your paint texture literally takes on the appearance of an orange skin.

8 April 2015

7 Definitive Reasons To Have Clearly Painted Markings In Your Parking Lot

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When you call an asphalt repair service from a site like http://www.lakeridgepaving.com for estimates on work to your parking lot, find out whether they also do the painting for parking space stripes and other pavement markings. Many asphalt services do these tasks, which are important for keeping your lot looking professional and for improving safety and maximizing efficiency. If the lot doesn't have painted lines or the lines have faded to near-invisibility, consider the advantages of clearly marked spaces, directional arrows and guidelines for drivers and pedestrians.

20 March 2015

Should You Repair Your Older Furnace, Or Have It Replaced?

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If you have an older furnace that is in need of repair, you have an important decision to make. It is worth your time and money to have the furnace repaired, or should you replace it entirely? The right choice will depend on your financial situation, how the furnace is used, and the overall state of your heating system and duct work. Here are a few questions to ask yourself. Your answers will help guide you towards the right decision.

9 March 2015

3 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs Green Janitorial Services

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If you own a restaurant, keeping a clean kitchen is key to ensuring your success. A clean kitchen guarantees you'll pass health inspections, improves the quality of the food coming out of the kitchen, and helps to maintain customer health and satisfaction. Hiring a good janitorial service is the right choice for many restaurants. However, just any janitorial service won't do. When looking for a cleaning service for your commercial kitchen, there are some very good reasons to consider using a service that uses green cleaning products and techniques instead of traditional chemicals.

23 February 2015

Understanding Portable Air Conditioners And How To Keep Them Working Well All Summer Long


When the summer months begin approaching, many people think of school vacation, laying by the pool, and Fourth of July picnics. And, in most parts of the country, people also think about keeping cool when the heat becomes sweltering. For those people who need additional home cooling, portable air conditioner units are an option to consider. However, for a portable air conditioner to work at its best, it should be used in the correct location, sealed, and properly maintained.

10 February 2015

Coughing & Sneezy All The Time? You May Be Allergic To Mold


If you seem to always have allergy symptoms no matter what season it is, you may have an allergy to mold in your home. Mold can cause stuffy noses, coughing, wheezing and irritation of the eyes and throat, especially in people who are sensitive to mold. Here's what you need to know. See an Allergist for Testing Your first step is to get screened by an allergist. It's important to determine if your allergy symptoms are related to mold before it severely compromises your health.

30 January 2015