A Guide To Choosing A New Outdoor Fire Pit

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If your plans for this summer and fall include more than a few evenings in the back yard, enjoying those lovely breezes, and cooking s'mores or hot dogs over an open flame, choosing the right fire pit for its intended purposes will play an enormous role in your enjoyment of that time. While it's true that many of the food items associated with cooking outdoors can be cooked on a barbecue grill, an outdoor fire pit can often provide a unique appeal that cannot always be matched with an outdoor grill.

15 June 2017

Boundary Surveying: A List Of Important Questions Homeowners Should Know

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Whether you have a piece of property that you own or you are considering the purchase of a piece of property, there is a pretty high likelihood that at some point your property will have to have boundary surveying done by a surveying contractor or company. Even though you may have a general idea of what boundary surveying is, if you are like most homeowners, you will still have a lot of questions.

7 June 2017

4 Ways To Make Big, Easy Changes To Your Home's Look

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Are you wanting to switch up the look of your home? Many homeowners find that they get sick of the same old look that they see each day. It may feel as if home improvements are too difficult or confusing. The good news is there are many fun projects that are also easy and that allow you to really change up the look of your home. Keep reading to learn some fun ways to make big, easy changes to your home's look.

1 June 2017

How To Care For The Limestone Counters In Your Home

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If you have just recently had limestone counters installed in your home, you will want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to keep it in the best shape as possible for as long as possible. To easily do that, simply follow the tips you find here. Watch For Spills It is important to know that limestone is a stone that easily absorbs liquids that are spilled on it.

24 May 2017

4 Helpful Tips For Dealing With Water Damage After A Flood

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Are you dealing with water damage cleanup in your home because of a flood? A storm may have taken place, causing a lot of flooding to some of the homes in the area, including your own home. Now that you have a lot of water in different areas of your home, it is important to take swift action and remove the excess liquid from the property. 1. Turn The Electricity Off

15 May 2017

Beautify Your Space By Staying Engaged - Questions To Ask Your Lawn Care Service

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Turning to the professionals to beautify the exterior of your home is a wise decision that can allow you maximum enjoyment with minimal stress. However, if you're not involved in the process, that stress can start to mount. Making sure you have a complete understanding of your lawn care service is an important step in utilizing all that it has to offer. Below, you'll find a guide to some questions you should be sure to ask your lawn care professionals about the care of your lawn.

7 May 2017

5 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Propane Heating Costs This Winter

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Along with those first few snowflakes comes visions of hot cocoa and cozy times, but the winter season also brings about a reminder of just how much you will be spending to keep your home warm. As someone who heats with propane, this can mean your home-heating rates can depend on outlying factors. However, there are still things you can do to keep your propane heating costs down as low as possible.

3 April 2017