Need New Exterior Business Doors? Learn The Pros And Cons Of Hollow Metal Doors

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If you are looking to purchase commercial exterior doors for your business, there are many different types of doors you can select from. Taking the time to learn about the various options and then learning the pros and cons of each option will help you hone in on the type of door that best meets your needs. Here are some of the pros and cons of hollow metal exterior business doors. 

The Cons of Hollow Metal Exterior Business Doors

They Can Dent

One of the biggest drawbacks to hollow metal exterior doors is that they can dent. If you are looking for a metal door that is not as easy to dent, you may want to consider a solid door or an insulated metal door. While a hollow metal door is not easy to dent, it can dent if someone kicks it or is attempting to push it in, or if kids are throwing balls and one hits the door. 

May Not Fit All Door Openings

The other disadvantage to hollow metal doors is that they may not fit all door openings. A metal door cannot be altered to fit a door opening that may not be a standard size. If your door is not a standard size, a wood door may be your best bet, as these doors can be shaved or altered to fit odd-sized openings. 

The Pros of Hollow Metal Exterior Business Doors

Their Cost

The biggest advantage to hollow metal doors is their price. Hollow metal doors are extremely affordable. In fact, they are one of the most affordable options for exterior business doors. If you need new doors and are on a budget, this may be a great option for your business. 

They Are Lightweight

Another benefit to hollow metal doors is that they are lightweight. Solid metal doors are a great way to secure your business. Unfortunately, they are heavy. If you work with senior citizens, children, or other individuals who may have trouble opening a heavy door, a hollow metal may be a better option. The door gives you some of the protection that solid metal doors do without the weight associated with them. 

When it comes to exterior business doors, you have many options, including solid steel doors, hollow metal doors, and wood doors. Learning the pros and cons of various door types will help you determine the type of door that meets your budget and provides you with the features you are looking for. 


1 November 2017

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