2 Reasons To Opt For Radiant Heating In Your Home

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A radiant heating system is a fantastic option that you really should consider when building or remodeling your house, mostly due to the many ways in which it can help you make your home quieter and more comfortable. Listed below are two reasons to opt for radiant heating in your home.

It Allows For More Floor Space

A major reason to opt for radiant heating in your home is that it allows for more floor space to be utilized within your house. The reason for this is that all of the components that make up traditional heating systems, such as the ductwork, vents, radiators, and other items will actually take up space within your walls. As a result, your rooms in your house will be a bit smaller in order to accommodate all of the components of a standard heating system.

However, the only components that need to be present in every room in your house for a radiant heating system to function are the water pipes that carry the hot water from the boiler, and those are typically installed underneath the floors. This results in you not having to set any space aside in your walls for ductwork, which allows you to maximize the floor space in any given room.

It Is Much Quieter Than Other Heating Systems

You will also want to opt for radiant heating in your home because it is much quieter than other heating systems that you may be able to install. The primary reason for this is that other heating systems tend to utilize forced air to your house, which results in a lot of noise being produced by both the furnace to heat up the air and the heated air itself as it is rushing through the fence and ducts throughout your home. On the other hand, radiant heating is much quieter as the only sound that you will typically hear with radiant heating is if you are located near the boiler as it is heating up the water that will go through the radiant heating pipes throughout your home, which is very unlikely when you consider the fact that the boilers are typically installed in your basement or some other out of the way place within your home.

Contact a heating and cooling service or contractor today in order to discuss the various reasons why you should opt for radiant heating in your home and the advantages that this type of system has over the competition. You will want to opt for radiant heating in your home because it allows for more floor space within your home and it is much quieter than other heating systems. For more information, visit websites like http://www.ueinc.us.


3 October 2017

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