Three Steps To Getting The Perfect Hardwood Floors For Cheap


If you have spent most of your house savings purchasing a home, you may be on a major budget when it comes to sprucing up the interior of your home. If you have your mind set on hardwood floors, there are some ways that you can get the right kind of hardwoods for a cheap price. Here are a few steps to getting hardwoods for your home that look beautiful, but do not cost a fortune. 

Select discounted light hardwoods

If you want to save money on hardwoods, you should get some light hardwoods that are at a discounted price. Sometimes discount building stores will discount hardwoods due to their being a large order or due to the hardwoods being returned. You may also find that construction firms sell hardwood flooring if they ordered more materials than they plan to use. Looking for inexpensive, light wood floors will net you a cheaper per square foot price than purchasing at regular price. Be sure to purchase enough for the entire square footage of your home. 

Purchase stain in the perfect shade

If you want to get the perfect shade of gray or a deep shade of maroon for your hardwoods, you can get a hardwood stain in the color of your preference. Staining light hardwoods the perfect shade can be easier than looking for the perfect shade of wood, then trying to find it at a discount. With light hardwood floors, they can be stained once they are laid down on the floor or before you ay them down. This offers you the chance to coordinate putting in your flooring with your home with the rest of your home remodeling. 

Hire someone to refinish the floors

If you want your floors gleaming as if they were perfect and new, you should hire someone to refinish your hardwood floors. Refinishing the hardwoods can consist of sanding and staining, which will make things easier for you. You should hire a professional firm to refinish your hardwoods. Hardwood refinishing can be a big job, but the results will last for more than a decade. Spending a little extra to have a contractor come in and sand, then smooth the floors with a machine will allow your floors to last for a long time. After saving money with DIY staining and purchasing discounted flooring, your refinishing job will pay for itself by lasting nearly as long as you may live in the home. 


29 June 2017

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