A Guide To Choosing A New Outdoor Fire Pit

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If your plans for this summer and fall include more than a few evenings in the back yard, enjoying those lovely breezes, and cooking s'mores or hot dogs over an open flame, choosing the right fire pit for its intended purposes will play an enormous role in your enjoyment of that time. While it's true that many of the food items associated with cooking outdoors can be cooked on a barbecue grill, an outdoor fire pit can often provide a unique appeal that cannot always be matched with an outdoor grill. However, there are several different aspects to consider when choosing a new fire pit and in order to maximize your enjoyment of that addition to your outdoor area, it's best to be aware of the following advice.

Determine If The Fire Pit Will Be A Permanent Addition To Your Backyard Or A Portable Unit That Travels

One of the more important aspects to consider when choosing your new fire pit is whether you want a portable unit that can go with you on vacations and camping or a permanent one that has its own place in your yard. While a permanent unit is often bigger and heavier than a portable fire pit, it also tends to be more expensive. Therefore, some fans of the fire pit have chosen to start with a temporary unit that still stays at the home and eventually upgrade to a heavier option.

Temporary fire pits are often made of clay, copper or steel and look like a fire bowl or small chimney. They can use charcoal, alcohol gel or gas as a source of energy and can often be made into permanent units by attaching them to a gas line. Alternatively, permanent fire pits can be given a non-stationary place on your patio or yard and burn wood for energy.

Check If Your Homeowner's Insurance or HOA Limits Your Options For Owning Or Using A Fire Pit

Unfortunately, you might find that the homeowner's insurance policy limits the presence or use of fire pits. If you are lucky enough to be permitted to have a fire pit, specific guidelines might apply to its construction, size, location, etc. In addition, it is also important to verify that not only are you covered by the policy, but that enough coverage is provided in the event of a serious problem that occurs due to its use or presence.

For instance, your insurance policy might require that the new addition to your yard needs to be a specific distance from doors, seating, and fences. In addition, the rules of your homeowner's association, or HHA, might require that you provide proof that your homeowner's policy covers any damages that might occur as the result of the use of the fire pit and that you have complied with those requirements.

In conclusion, an outdoor fire pit is a unique addition to the experience of cooking outside and there are many different aspects to consider when choosing one. Since you undoubtedly want to provide the best experience you can to your friends and family members from the very beginning, you are likely to find that the tips shared above will be quite useful. If not,contact the professionals at Alpine Fireplaces to help with your needs.


15 June 2017

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