Beautify Your Space By Staying Engaged - Questions To Ask Your Lawn Care Service

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Turning to the professionals to beautify the exterior of your home is a wise decision that can allow you maximum enjoyment with minimal stress. However, if you're not involved in the process, that stress can start to mount. Making sure you have a complete understanding of your lawn care service is an important step in utilizing all that it has to offer.

Below, you'll find a guide to some questions you should be sure to ask your lawn care professionals about the care of your lawn. Information can be the best way to calm concerns, and seeking out knowledge can allow you to feel like you're fulfilling your responsibilities without having to break your back.

Ask About Weather Rescheduling

Working in proper lawn care around extreme weather can be a difficult challenge. A lawn service company likely has a highly detailed schedule that will allow them to service all of their customers within a given time period, and one solid storm can risk knocking all of that out and throwing you off kilter.

Make sure that you talk about weather contingencies with your lawn service before you find yourself in the middle of one. Having an idea of how they plan to make up lost time and the order in which you'll be rescheduled can reduce frustrations and guarantee you have confidence in their care.

Ask About Vehicle Traffic

Part of being a good neighbor is making sure that you don't interfere with the enjoyment that the people living around you get from their homes. That means limiting the traffic in front of yours, and that can be a struggle if your lawn care service has a great deal of equipment.

Be sure to ask about the number of vehicles which can be expected during a standard service day. By having an idea of what the increased traffic load is likely to look like, you can transmit that information to your neighbors and allow the neighborhood to absorb the changes more easily.

Ask About Watering

When your lawn care service isn't on the scene, there may still be steps you can take in order to make sure your grass stays green and your lawn stays in good shape. Consistent watering can go a long way toward lawn health, but it requires a horticultural knowledge and careful planning that may be outside your expertise. Ask your lawn service about the steps you can take to contribute, and make sure you follow their instructions precisely in order to guarantee a strong lawn.

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7 May 2017

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