5 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Propane Heating Costs This Winter

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Along with those first few snowflakes comes visions of hot cocoa and cozy times, but the winter season also brings about a reminder of just how much you will be spending to keep your home warm. As someone who heats with propane, this can mean your home-heating rates can depend on outlying factors. However, there are still things you can do to keep your propane heating costs down as low as possible. Check out these five tips to help you save on home heating with propane this winter. 

1. Insulate Your Home - How long has the insulation you have been in place? Are you certain all areas of your home are insulated, such as the crawlspace, attic, and walls? Make sure you do a little investigating before all that cold weather rolls in and make some necessary insulation upgrades where it needs to be done. 

2. Bust Those Sneaky Drafts - Around the windows, the doors, and even the electrical outlets, do a draft check and see if you feel any cold air. If you do, you should know even the smallest draft is going to make your home harder to heat. Invest in weather stripping, spray foam insulation, and insulating outlet covers to block those sneaky drafts.

3. Have Your Propane Furnace Serviced - You already know it's a good idea to have your home heating system serviced by a technician on a regular basis, but this can be about more than just keeping your system functioning well; it can also help you keep propane heating costs low. By having your system annually checked, you can assure any of those small problems that would normally mean more propane use are not a concern. 

4. Rearrange Your Furniture - Furniture that is situated against outlying walls or near windows can make you feel colder than if you are having a seat on furniture against an interior wall. To avoid the temptation to crank up the heat, rearrange your furniture, especially your sofa, bed, or kitchen table, in a way that there is distance between you and cooler points in the house. 

5. Have Your Propane Tank Tested - You definitely don't want any of that precious heating fuel leaking out. So call up your local propane company and have them come out and test your propane tank for leaks. Likewise, it is a good idea to also have them take a look at the propane lines leading into the home. 


3 April 2017

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