2 Locking Mechanisms To Consider For Your Home

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Replacing your locks can give you the opportunity to take advantage of some of the more advanced and capable locking mechanisms that are available to you. Listed below are two locking mechanisms to consider for your home and the various benefits that each one can provide.

Wi-Fi Locks

The best locking mechanisms to consider for your home is a Wi-Fi locking mechanism. These Wi-Fi locking mechanisms are connected to the Internet and are able to be locked and unlocked remotely through you either logging into a secure website or simply by logging into an app on your phone. This is a great way to make sure that your home is always secure because if you never leave the house and are unsure if the front door is locked, you can simply log into the app and lock the door from anywhere that you have Internet access.

In addition, Wi-Fi locks are ideal if you are having guests come over to your home but are not able to be there to greet them. In that situation, the smartphone app or website will allow you to access the lock remotely and unlock the door once your guests arrive rather than forcing your guests to stand around and wait for you to get home and let them in.

Touch-Activated Locks

Another great locking mechanism to consider for your home is a touch-activated lock. A touch-activated lock works by having sensors that detect the associated dongle or authorized smartphone app and opens at a simple touch as soon as it detects that either the dongle or the smartphone is within range.

In most cases, you will never really have to reach into your pocket to pull out your keys or the dongle, which is really helpful if you are carrying large boxes into your home, herding the children, or are simply trying to get your groceries into your home. The only thing you really have to do to open the lock once you are within range is to simply let a portion of your body come into contact with the door, such as an elbow or the side of one of your hands, which is extremely convenient if your hands are full.

Contact a locksmith today in order to discuss the various locking mechanisms that you can install in your home and to find the best possible option for your particular situation. Wi-Fi lock and touch-activated locks are both great options to consider for your home.

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3 April 2017

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