3 Tips For HVAC Maintenance

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If you need your heating and cooling system to be taken up a notch, you will need to give yourself the service and assistance needed to keep it up to par periodically. No matter what sort of heating and cooling system you own, you will be able to apply some of the tips below. Consider these tips and then reach out to HVAC pros who will assist you accordingly. 

#1: Clean Your Vents 

As a homeowner, you need to always make sure that you are doing your due diligence to protect air flow and quality in your HVAC system. This will ease your breathing of the air and improve the lifespan of your heater or air conditioner. One step is to clean out your vents periodically so that airflow is not restricted and so that you get rid of dust and allergens.

Cleaning out your vents should also involve calling up a professional to use anti-mold applications, since your HVAC system produces a lot of moisture and moisture, potentially leading to mold problems. It is best to be proactive in this regard, since mold remediation might cost you anywhere between $2000 and $6000. This is better than allowing mold spray to give you health problems.

#2: Handle Routine Repairs

Test your thermostat from time to time to make sure that you are getting optimal temperature settings for your system. This will also prevent you from making your HVAC system wasteful and will lower your utility bills. Change your air filters periodically so that your heating and cooling system does not get clogged. You can buy high-quality air filters for as little as $36 and as much as approximately $70. Further, check your fuses and circuit breakers to make sure that your HVAC system is constantly regulating power properly without overloading.

#3: Get Your System Ready And Keep It Up To Par With Service Calls

Service calls from professional will be the backbone of your HVAC maintenance. Get your system inspected twice per year — particularly prior to first using your system before the winter and in the summer. When you get the system inspected, you won't have to be surprised by potential issues which can bog the system down and be expensive if you do not fix them right away.

Use these points, and reach out to a heating and cooling contractors like those represented at http://aaaeinc.com/ for more advice on HVAC maintenance.


23 December 2016

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