Hard Water Signs Every Well Owner Should Know

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If you've never had a home with a well, you may not have ever been exposed to hard water, or water with high mineral concentrations. If you have hard water, it can actually cause mineral deposits and problems with your appliances. In addition, it can dry out your skin. Understanding how to spot hard water and deal with it can save you from costly plumbing repairs and other issues. Here are some things to watch for.

Residue From Soaps And Cleaning Products

If you find that the soaps and other cleaning products are leaving residues behind on the surfaces of your dishes, bathtub and other areas, it may be because of hard water. The high mineral content makes it harder to rinse soap away cleanly. You may also find that you have soap residue left on your skin or struggle with dry and brittle hair. If your use of moisturizers and conditioner seems to have increased with no other explanation, it could be hard water. The mineral concentration in hard water often causes problems like this because it dries your hair and skin out.

White Residue On Water Faucets and Fixtures

The mineral deposits created by hard water can create milky white residues on your water fixtures and faucets. If you're seeing things like this on your shower head, water faucets, and dishwasher, this often means that you have hard water. The discoloration is created when the minerals settle on the surface. Sometimes it builds up enough that it can clog the small jet spaces on the dishwasher, limiting water flow and preventing dishes from getting really clean.

Reduced Water Pressure Throughout The House

As the mineral residue builds up further throughout your pipes, you'll find that your water pressure is reduced. This often happens because your water flow through the pipes is reduced by the mineral accumulation. You'll eventually have to hire a plumber to flush the lines in order to fix this. Sometimes the mineral buildup can even weaken the integrity of the pipes and require complete replacement of the lines.

If you're seeing things like this in your home, it means you likely have high mineral concentrations in your well. You'll want to talk with a local plumber about your concerns. Not only can he or she have the water tested to confirm the mineral presence, a plumber can also help you install a comprehensive water softener system to help you ease the problem. The sooner you address it, the less damage you'll experience to your appliances and your plumbing system.


30 September 2016

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