3 Signs That Your Oceanfront Home's Seawall May Need Repairing

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If your home has oceanfront property and is protected from flooding by a seawall barrier, you may wonder if the wall is sound enough to withstand the ocean's waters. If so, look for one or more of the signs below that could indicate your seawall is in need of repairs.

Heavy Layers Of Rust Are Present

If your seawall is constructed entirely of metal, areas of heavy rust could cause weakening of the structure. As the oxidation eats through the metal, holes can start to penetrate the wall, allowing water to leak past it. However, if your wall is made from concrete, the joints are often made from metal, so these areas could become weak as well.

As you walk along the seawall, look for reddish brown patches caused by rust. Anytime you find a rusty area, take your fingernail or a sharp object, and scrape the area. If rust and small bits of metal are easily removed while doing so, there is a chance the rust has reached deep within the structure and should be inspected by a seawall contractor.

Structural Damage Is Visible

While walking along and inspecting your seawall, also look for visible signs of structural damage. Make note of any areas that are cracking or crumbling, as well as their size. This could indicate your wall's integrity has been compromised. If you see water seeping through the cracks, this is a definite sign that should be examined by a professional.

Another sign of structural damage is when portions of the seawall are leaning. This could indicate that the foundation has become damaged or soft. If this is the case, the wall could fall during a storm with high winds or tides.

Soil Behind The Seawall Is Eroding

When you are examining the seawall, also inspect the condition of the soil behind it. If you notice areas where holes have formed, this could be a sign of serious erosion caused by water leaking in from underneath the wall. Your seawall's structural integrity could be compromised, so you may want to have a professional inspect it carefully to ensure the wall does not break in the near future.

If you notice any of the above signs, your seawall may not be able to withstand the water pressure produced by oceanic storms. You may need to contact a contractor who specializes in seawall repair to examine the structure and recommend your next course of action.


30 June 2016

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