3 Tools Ideal For Transitioning From Handmade Metal Decoration Designs To Machine Designs

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Designing sheet metal products for the home is a great business that can create custom products. Instead of working by hand, you can expand your business's productivity and the design of orders by transitioning to metal tools. When working with sheet metals, a variety of powerful tools can cut through the designs and add custom details that fit your needs. When working with the following three types of tools, you can create modern, rustic, and custom designs to fit both your needs and possible customer requests. Each tool is made to specifically work with sheet metal and can also help cut down on the time it takes to make each creation.

3D Metal Printers

Add depth and shape to your decoration designs with the use of a 3D metal printer. These printers work with 3D software to create composite designs and are ideal for metal table decorations. For example, you can use a 3D printer to create a sheet metal vase, paperweight, or abstract desk design. Details within the 3D software allow you to add intricate details that are automatically created with the 3D printer.

Separate parts can also be crafted and placed together once they are printed. For example, you may create a small tree statue ideal for a coffee table or small garden. Each branch of the tree can be printed out separately and then attached to a large metal trunk. By making the pieces separately, you can have less waste and save more metal for future project designs.

CD Stud Welding Systems

As you plan out various home decorations, it's important to consider the different hanging and attachment elements that are needed. For example, you may want to create a unique coat hanger or key holder for the wall. Attach hooks, screws, and bolts to sheet metal using CD stud welding systems. Also known as a capacitor discharge system, the stud welding uses electrical pulses to fuse the bolts directly onto the sheet metal.

The tip of the welding gun is placed directly next to the metal. In less than a second, the tip is melted and fused onto the metal as flat as possible. This helps keep the sheet metal's original shape and does not create any noticeable marks on the reverse side. Along with hanging creations, the stud welding tool can be used to create bolt attachment for metal decorations like media cabinets, small boxes, or living room end tables. The stud welding tools allow you to expand creatively and have the ability to add to the metal in multiple ways.

Laser Cutting Machine

Instead of hand cutting into sheet metal, you can use a laser cutting machine that automatically cuts the shapes that you set. This type of tool is often ideal for adding text to sheet metal. Using custom fonts and designs, a laser machine can cut accurate text right in the metal. You can use the metal sheet with the cutout words, or pull out the cut out pieces themselves as their own decoration. This is a great way to add quotes about home and family onto your decoration designs.

Laser cutting machines also have the precision to add details to designs. For example, if you're making a wall hanging piece, a laser cutting machine can add a custom border to the edges. This can include wavy lines, curled corners, or intricate rivets across the whole border. Sheet metal can also be used to cut custom shapes so metal can be layered onto other design materials. For example, a laser machine could cut a metal fish out and the fish can be attached to a rustic piece of decorative wood. It's great for fusing different ideas together and really creating the custom products that you envisioned.

By investing in one or more of these products, you will have the proper tools and resources to create home decoration designs.


7 April 2016

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