Better Living Through H2O: Tips For Healthier Water Usage

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You may have heard that the vast majority of the human body is made up of water, and that this magical substance facilitates countless physical processes that make life on Earth -- and in you -- possible. But as with so many other necessary substances, how intelligently you use, store and ingest your water can make a major difference in the benefits you receive from it. Here are some clever tips for optimizing your healthy use of H2O.

Need to Lose Weight? Drink More Water

In addition to its essential roles in hydrating tissues and removing toxins from the body, water can also help individuals who are trying to shed some extra pounds. The most obvious benefit is the fact that water fills the stomach, albeit temporarily, which can stave off hunger pangs that might otherwise have you reaching for the chips. Drink a glass of water before you dine or snack, and you may well find yourself consuming substantially less food. In fact, hunger pangs themselves are often a response to thirst, not hunger -- so if you're hungry, drink a glass of water and see what happens!

Water can even boost your body's ability to burn fat. Research has revealed that men and women who drink 17 ounces of water experience a metabolic increase of to up 30 percent, an effect that peaks 30 to 40 minutes after ingestion. If you suffer from a sluggish metabolism that blocks your ability to lose weight, the occasional pint or so of water could do your waistline a world of good!

Drink Minerals (Within Reason)

You might assume the less stuff there is in your drinking water, the better -- but that isn't necessarily the case. If it were, you could simply drink distilled water for optimal health. Unfortunately, the relatively acidity of distilled water can damage your health, while its lack of minerals can deprive you of healthful nutrients such as calcium and magnesium. Regular tap water provides these substances in a more alkaline medium.

Lime scale, on the other hand, is too much of a good thing. When calcium and magnesium cake the inside of your pipes and water heater, the hard water that emerges does a poor job of cleaning your clothes, skin and hair. Water softeners can remove excess calcium and magnesium from hard water, protecting your appliances while providing you with fluffier laundry and a more pleasant shower. But water softeners add sodium to pull these minerals out of the water. While small amounts of sodium won't harm a healthy adult, most people already get more than enough of this element on a daily basis, and people with health problems could be affected by it. Get your drinking water from a different source.

Get a Tankless Water Heater

Your old-school hot water heater could be damaging your health. Their enormous tanks constantly have water pooled in them -- water which eventually fills up with concentrated levels of sediment, bacteria, corrosion and other things you don't want to accidentally ingest. Your water heater might inhabit your home for years or even decades, during which time its interior condition continues to contaminate the water your household uses every day.

You can counteract this problem by investing in a tankless water heater. Since a tankless water heater only fills up with water on an as-needed basis, your water doesn't spend enough time in it to receive large accumulations of contaminants. If you're going to be using any of that water for cooking or drinking, you may decide that spending the extra money on a tankless water heater is a smart form of preventative "health insurance."

Use Filters to Strain Out Toxins

While some dissolved elements in water provide health benefits, others do nothing but harm. Ordinary tap water can contain any of up to 2,100 different contaminants, including microorganisms, heavy metals, chlorine and chemicals that can alter your body processes. While most municipal water departments strive to keep their water admirably clean, some unwanted substances will inevitably drip out of your tap. If you want to play it safe, you need to choose a filtration system for your household drinking water.

Be advised the standard faucet attachments and filtered pitchers you see on so many store shelves won't do much to strain out toxic chemicals and heavy metals -- the activated charcoal in these items is mostly good for eliminating taste and odor issues. for a more comprehensive solution, take a look at reverse osmosis filters, carbon block filters and multi-stage filters. (Multi-stage filters not only pull undesirable elements out of the water, but they also put desirable minerals back into it.)

From speeding up your weight loss plan to consuming fewer contaminants, there are plenty of strategies you can employ to get the greatest possible health benefit from your household water. Here's a healthier glass of H2O!

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25 March 2016

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