5 Features To Look For In Your Medicine Cabinet

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When remodeling a bathroom, you will be faced with several choices. One item you will have to decide on that you will use on a daily basis is a quality medicine cabinet. Not only will you have to choose a wall-mounted or recessed unit and what shape and size you need, you will also have to decide between many extra features that can make or break a medicine cabinet. Here are some of the more worthwhile features you should consider. 

Child Safety Locks 

Even though it is recommended that you do not store actual medicine in your bathroom medicine cabinet, you will likely be storing items that can be dangerous to young children. For example, toothpaste and mouthwash can be harmful if they are consumed and razors can potentially cut curious children who want to copy their older relatives. To keep all of these items out of reach you should make sure that your bathroom medicine cabinet has a child safety option.

A common option is a lock and key. However, this means that you will have to keep track of the key. Instead, you might look for a combination lock or a lock that relies on pressure or physical patterns as opposed to a separate key, such as a cabinet latch. 

A Magnifying Mirror

A magnifying mirror is useful for applying makeup, shaping eyebrows, shaving, and generally grooming yourself. Many modern medicine cabinets have a magnifying mirror attached to the inside of the cabinet. This makes it easy to store, find, and use your magnifying mirror without taking up unnecessary space in your medicine cabinet and without having to mount an additional item to your wall. 

Separate Shelves for Each Family Member

Medicine cabinets can quickly become loaded with cosmetics and personal care items, making it difficult to find the items you need or extract them from the cabinet without knocking over other items. This problem is compounded when you have multiple family members using the same medicine cabinet.

To help keep your medicine cabinet organized you should make sure it includes enough shelves to designate a separate shelf for each user. Ideally, you will also have an area for shared items and, if it is a guest bathroom, an empty shelf where guests can keep their personal care items. 

For ultimate organization, consider adding small baskets to each shelf. This allows each person to quickly get their supplies out of the medicine cabinet and organize them on the bathroom counter before easily putting them away again. 


One feature of modern cabinets is a lighting source directly in the cabinet. This can make your bathroom look sleek and modern. It can also save space in small bathrooms where you may not have room to mount side lighting next to the medicine cabinet. It also ensures that lighting is at the right height to light your face with minimum shadows. 

When you look for units with back-lighting options, make sure the lights are near the sides of the mirror as opposed to along the top or bottom of the mirror. Lighting above or below your face will cast shadows, making cleaning your face and applying cosmetics difficult. 

A Complementary Frame or Handle

Many medicine cabinets, especially recessed cabinets, feature mirrored doors with no frame. While this gives your bathroom a clean, minimal appearance, it is more likely that you will have fingerprints along the edges where you open the medicine cabinet. To keep your medicine cabinet smudge-free without having to constantly wipe it down, opt for a medicine cabinet that has a frame or handle that acts as an accent to your bathroom decor. 

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29 February 2016

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