Grand Opening For Your New Store A Bust? Attract Customers With Customized Signs

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Although it takes time to establish a continuous flow of customers when you first open a new business, it can devastate you if no one shows up for your grand opening. You advertised your store in the local ads and passed out flyers to people in the area. But unless you take your marketing strategy to the next level, such as placing customized signs on your building, customers who don't read the local ads may not notice that you're open for business. Customers may even walk by your store without taking a moment to look at it. Here are reasons to use custom signs and other tools for your store and tips to improve your marketing with them.

Create Visual Appeal for Your Storefront With Signs

People tend to gravitate to things that appeal to them visually or stimulate their senses, such as a catchy slogan, colorful image or unique shape. Because of these factors, using signs that represent the things you sell in your store is essential. 

For instance, if you sell fashions for babies, choose colors for your sign that attract their attention and not just the parents' attention. Sources show that babies react negatively to yellow. Blue, pink and even white make great choices for your signs because they appeal to your customers. 

If you sell the latest must-have teen fashions at prices lower than your competitors, choose colors that entice and excite your customers, such as red and orange. These colors encourage customers to enter your store and buy things, even if they didn't plan on doing so when they passed by.

In addition to color, create interest in your store with bold lettering and font. One of the best things about customizing your signs is that you can use different sizes and styles for your font to attract shoppers. If you have a plain storefront with very little color, order a sign with bright, bold letters that highlight your brand's name, prices and products clearly.

However, you want to avoid a complicated font that makes it difficult for your customers to read or decipher front a distance, such as across the street or down the sidewalk. Customers who are in a hurry will glance at your store's signs but move on quickly, because they can't understand what the words say.

Expand Your Marketing Reach With Billboards and Decals

Another good thing about customized signs is that you can place them in areas that expand your marketing reach. Billboards are perfect for this. You can place billboards in nearby cities to let the inhabitants know about your business. Shoppers who seek new places to visit or certain items to buy will come to your store because you have what they want.

You should also install your billboards in areas that experience a lot of traffic, such as on highways and busy streets. Rush hour is an ideal way to obtain new customers, because traffic is slow-moving during this time of the day. Once your billboards catch their eyes, drivers write down your store's address or add your phone number to their contacts for future reference.

Placing colorful decals on your company's cars and trucks is ideal. Decals are signs that attract the attention of auto and truck drivers, bus riders and pedestrians. You can use bright colors and images for your decals, or you may keep it simple and only use your brand's name and contact information. If possible, ask your employees to place decals on their cars to increase your marketing reach.

If you want to learn more about using custom signs, billboards and decals to market your new store, contact a contractor, like those you can find out here, today.


1 October 2015

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