Is It Better To Fix A Garage Door Torsion Spring Yourself Or Hire A Professional

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At the top and sides of your garage door, you will find torsion springs. These springs keep tension on the door as it is opened and closed. The most common reasons for garage door torsion springs to break include rust, incorrect springs being used, poor maintenance, and general wear and tear. When the springs are broken, your garage door will not lift or lower, so they must be fixed in order to get the garage door working properly again. Since torsion springs tend to break a couple times throughout the life of a garage door, many homeowners try to take on the project themselves instead of spending money on a professional garage door repair technician. In order to make this decision, you need to weigh the pros and cons of both scenarios:

Fix The Torsion Springs Yourself

As a DIY homeowner, you've probably taken on a lot of projects around the house. If you're considering replacing the springs on your garage door, read through these lists of pros and cons very carefully:


  • It's cheaper to replace the springs yourself because you'll only have to pay for the springs themselves. You probably already have all the tools you'll need on hand.
  • You can complete this project when it's convenient for you, according to your schedule.
  • Since torsion springs break at least a few times before the entire garage door will need to be replaced, you can fix it yourself each time instead of calling a technician again and again.


  • Since torsion springs can snap at any time, including during the installation process, replacing them is extremely dangerous. If you don't know what you're doing, you could get lacerated or even loose a limb.
  • Since you're probably not familiar with torsion springs, it could take you a long time to find out what kind of springs you need, find the right ones to buy as a replacement, and figure out the proper method to replace them.
  • Since you're a novice, you may further damage your garage door and need to replace the whole thing, which costs significantly more money than just a couple of springs.

Hire A Service Technician To Fix The Torsion Springs

When something breaks in a home, people usually hire a professional to fix it when they aren't familiar with the object or the repair process. But hiring a professional technician to remove the broken springs and replace them with new ones also has its pros and cons.


  • The service technician repairs and replaces broken torsion springs probably every day, or almost every day, so he or she is an expert.
  • You know you'll have the right springs installed, and they will be installed properly the first time around.
  • The technician will also spot any other problems with your garage door and point them out to you before they become a serious issue.
  • The technician will have all the right tools needed for the job.
  • Most technicians provide a warranty on the parts and labor when they replace broken torsion springs. This means that if the spring break again within a certain time frame as stated on the warranty, the technician is responsible for the new repair.


  • Unless you've used a technician before, you're going on faith that they'll do a great job. Thankfully, most technicians are competent and honest. But if you don't put in the effort to research a technician before you hire him or her, you run the risk of getting substandard work done.
  • You should obtain estimates from at least 3 different garage door repair technicians to make sure you are getting quality work at a decent price.
  • You'll pay a lot more money to hire a repair technician because you have to pay for both parts and labor.

When contemplating doing a torsion spring repair yourself or hiring a professional, you also need to consider your comfort level with the project, your financial situation, and the tools you already own. If you have any questions about replacing a garage door torsion spring, contact your local garage door company or garage door repair technician. He or she will be happy to help you. You can also visit to learn more about garage door services in your area. 


10 June 2015

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