4 Ways To Prevent Algae Buildup In Your Pond

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Having a pond can be one of the most rewarding of all home and gardening experiences. You'll be able to sit near it and enjoy the placid moments that pass you by as you ponder life's simple thoughts. Maintaining a pond, however, can be a difficult proposition. One of the biggest hurdles you'll have to overcome with regard to pond maintenance is preventing algae from forming at the head of your pond. What was once a relaxing part of your outdoors experience can quickly turn into a headache. However, this brief article will address any problems you may encounter with regard to your pond experience.

Use The Right Pond Pump

Having and correctly using the right pond pump is an absolutely integral part of controlling or even preventing algae from forming on your pond. The general rule of thumb when choosing a pump that is right for you is that the pump must move a grand total of half of the volume of the pond's water each hour. This is so the water does not become stagnant, which encourages algae and bacteria growth.

Choosing the right pump depends on a veritable laundry list of factors, however. Is your pond a run of the mill backdoor pond? Is it a water garden — which is to say, is it home to wanted plant and animal life? Is it a koi pond? All of these questions are necessary when choosing a pond pump that is right for you.

For example, If you plan to fill your pond with koi fish, you should get a pond pump that circulates the total volume of your pond each hour. As the water circulates, the oxygen level in the water increases. This provides a healthier habitat for your fish. 

If you create a water garden you will need a much stronger pond pump than if you are creating an ordinary, empty pond. This is due to the fact that animal and plant life can increase algae production, and more water needs to be circulated more often in order to break the algae production down. Don't forget to look at sites like http://www.konalandscape.com to find professionals that can repair your pond.

Proper Pond Construction

Before your pond is even built, you should take into consideration how to prevent algae from taking hold of your pond's life. The proper construction of a pond can mean the difference between a clean pool of water and a stagnant one full of algae.

The depth of a pond should be taken into consideration before construction. Having a pond that is not merely one depth actually helps circulation and can prevent algae from forming. Ensure that you build a pond that has deep, shallow and medium height water for perfect water circulation.

Although limestone, marble and concrete would look beautiful in your pond, all of these materials have higher PH levels that encourage algae growth. Avoid using them to line or decorate your pond.

Proper Pond Maintenance

Like any other part of your home, pond maintenance is integral for keeping your pond clean and free from any potential algae formation or buildup. If you have listened to the above advice regarding construction, your algae buildup should be very slim and should require little in the way of maintenance. However, algae doesn't just form at the surface of the pond, you have to worry about algae buildup on the bottom of your pond, as well. A small amount of buildup at the bottom of a pond is acceptable, but if you notice that it keeps growing, you should to remove the algae at the bottom with a small pond net.

Other Algae Control Methods

There are wide ranges of products that you can use to control the amount of algae present in your pond's pool. Blue and black dyes are generally the most cost effective ways of controlling algae when it comes to lakes and very large ponds. For smaller ponds, the best method of control is paying close attention to your pond's eco system. Remember not to overload your pond with fish. This can actually create an imbalance in the eco system, which will allow algae to flourish.

Maintaining and controlling the algae that appears in your pond can be a difficult proposition. However, with the knowledge you've learned throughout this article, you should be able to face the problem head on.


28 April 2015

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