7 Definitive Reasons To Have Clearly Painted Markings In Your Parking Lot

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When you call an asphalt repair service from a site like http://www.lakeridgepaving.com for estimates on work to your parking lot, find out whether they also do the painting for parking space stripes and other pavement markings. Many asphalt services do these tasks, which are important for keeping your lot looking professional and for improving safety and maximizing efficiency. If the lot doesn't have painted lines or the lines have faded to near-invisibility, consider the advantages of clearly marked spaces, directional arrows and guidelines for drivers and pedestrians.

Preventing Accidents

With directional arrows and clearly marked parking spaces, drivers know exactly where they should be traveling in your lot. You'll help cut down on diagonal driving across the asphalt as well as people entering and exiting at random points in the driveways.

Marking No-Parking Zones

Areas with diagonal lines are universally recognized among drivers as no-parking zones. If there are places you don't want your customers to park, this is an easy way to let them know. You also can have the workers paint a "No Parking" statement in these places. 

Indicating Handicap Spaces

Sure, you have the blue signs designating handicap spaces, but non-handicapped drivers often don't notice these signs until they pull into the space. That's especially true when the sign is up against a building and blends into the background. When you have the space painted blue with a white wheelchair illustration -- the standard handicap zone image -- it's obvious to drivers a good distance away. 

Creating Pedestrian Walkways

If your place of business has a lot of vehicle traffic and you want to make things safer and more convenient for customers walking from their cars to the building, add painted walkways. 

Increasing Space Availability

When spaces aren't clearly marked, drivers tend to park farther apart than they would otherwise. They may even have to create their own rows, which are likely to be haphazard rather than efficient. On busy days, that means your lot fills up with fewer vehicles in it. Customers may decide to patronize a different business instead. 

Accommodating Different Vehicle Sizes

If your lot tends to be full or close to full much of the time, you might want to have some smaller spaces indicated for compact cars and motorcycles. This helps you maximize the room you have available. 

Enhancing Professional Appearance

Even if you're not going to have the entire lot sealcoated or repaved right now, fresh paint will improve its appearance and make it look newer. The asphalt may have faded from black to gray, but adding fresh paint shows your customers you're paying attention to property maintenance.

Especially if your lot previously had clearly marked lines and now the paint has deteriorated so that only bits and pieces are visible, it may look shabby. That can give potential customers a troublesome opinion of your business right from the start.

Concluding Thoughts

Consider the time and effort traffic engineers have spent attempting to find the most efficient and safe parking lot design for superstores, malls and other parking areas with enormous amounts of traffic. Even for a relatively small business, a certain attention to parking lot detail can go a long way toward maximizing efficiency and safety. The Federal Highway Administration notes that although research on painted markings in parking lots is scant, pavement markings communicate important information to drivers in ways that other methods cannot. 

Ask asphalt services for quotes on having your parking lot painted along with having repair work done. Getting the two services performed at once can save you money over putting off the painting until later. You'll find all the advantages to be well worth the affordable price. 


20 March 2015

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