3 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs Green Janitorial Services

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If you own a restaurant, keeping a clean kitchen is key to ensuring your success. A clean kitchen guarantees you'll pass health inspections, improves the quality of the food coming out of the kitchen, and helps to maintain customer health and satisfaction. Hiring a good janitorial service is the right choice for many restaurants. However, just any janitorial service won't do.

When looking for a cleaning service for your commercial kitchen, there are some very good reasons to consider using a service that uses green cleaning products and techniques instead of traditional chemicals. Take a look at a few reasons why green janitorial services are the right choice for your restaurant.

Green Cleaning is Less Expensive

It's a common misconception that green cleaning products are more expensive than chemical cleaners. The truth is green cleaning products are often substances that occur naturally, making them less onerous to produce than chemical cleaners and therefore less expensive.

For example, of the three most common chemical sanitizers used in restaurants, the most environmentally friendly, iodine solution, is also the most expensive. However, if you eschew chemical sanitizers in favor of naturally occurring sanitizers, like citric acid, you'll achieve a greener clean and save money.

Citric acid occurs naturally in oranges, lemons, and other citrus fruits, and is simple to produce. It's also FDA approved for sanitation. Simple hot water can be used to sanitize materials that can be immersed, as long as the temperature is above 171º Fahrenheit. A cleaning service that relies heavily on citric acid and hot water will logically charge less for materials than a cleaning service that relies on expensive chemical cleansers.

Green Cleaning is Safer

Air pollution is a real problem in the United States. When you think of air pollution, you may be picturing factory smokestacks or emissions from cars – outdoor pollutants. However, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says indoor air pollution levels can be two to five times higher than outdoor pollution levels. In some areas, indoor pollution levels can be as many as 100 times higher than outdoor levels. And one of the common sources for indoor pollutants is chemicals released from cleaning solutions.

As a restaurant owner, your customers are more likely to be looking for a healthy environment than the customers in a store or an office. After all, restaurant guests often spend an extended period of time inside the restaurant. They're eating, relaxing, and spending time with friends and family. No one wants to do any of that in an unhealthy environment. By choosing a green cleaning service, you're fulfilling your customers' desires for a healthy environment to spend their time in.

Green Cleaning is Responsible

Green cleaning is about more than just using natural cleansers instead of harsh chemicals. Janitorial services who make a commitment to green, eco-friendly cleaning tactics are choosing to perform their duties responsibly, without creating any undue strain on the environment. That means using recycled or reusable cleaning materials, conserving water and energy, keeping waste to a minimum, and disposing of waste responsibly.

By opting for a green cleaning janitorial services, you're sending a message to your employees and customers that you care about the local community and the environment enough to implement eco-friendly practices. That message is powerful. Today, many savvy consumers are paying attention to the business practices of the companies they patronize, and avoiding businesses that don't behave responsibly. Not only will you have the satisfaction of knowing you're doing your part for the environment, you'll also attract like-minded individuals to your establishment.

As you can see, finding a janitorial service that provides green cleaning can be an important part of keeping your restaurant profitable and safe. Before you hire a janitorial service, ask questions and get the details of their cleaning practices so you'll know for certain what kind of cleaning products and techniques they'll be using.


23 February 2015

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