The Little Things Potential Tenants Will Notice About Your Rental


Renting out your home is a great way to cover your investment costs and even make a profit, thanks to all of the tax breaks that are available to you. But if you expect to get top dollar for your rental, you'll have to do more than give the place a new paint job before putting it on the market. Here are six things you can't overlook, because potential tenants are sure to notice them when they show up to check things out:

The Garage Door

It is easy to overlook the condition and performance of the garage door when assessing the property for rental readiness. After all, you are used to the quirks that the door happens to have so you may not realize just how tacky it looks when the corner of the door hangs lower than the rest of it, or how shabby the rusted bolts on the back of the door look.

Any performance problems should also be addressed before making your home available for rent. It's a good idea to have a professional from a site like check the garage door out to ensure proper function and to make any needed adjustments. You can also pair the door with a brand new electronic opener for your renters' convenience.

The Windows

The windows are like the eyes of your home and when they are damaged or worn down, it can make the entire home look older than it really is. Updating the look and feel of your windows can make the overall space look nicer and increase the rental rates that will be fair for renters. You don't have to buy entirely new windows – try installing tinted window film to make the glass look newer, and paint the trim to add some elegance and depth.

The Mailbox

The mailbox is just a very small aspect of your home, yet it's something that will be used on a daily basis by your renters. They'll expect a secure and attractive way to store their mail until they are able to get to it during their busy day. If your mailbox is rusted, consider replacing it altogether. If it's in good shape yet looks like it could use some TLC, a simple coat of paint can do wonders. Put a lock on the door of the mailbox if it's exposed to passersby on the street.

The Lighting

The ability to brighten up a room with the flick of a light is a convenience most potential tenants are going to look for. Get rid of dim lights and old chandeliers that use outdated lighting technology, and replace them with LED or halogen light bulbs and modern shades. Adding dimmer light switches can really kick up the convenience of the lighting system in your home.

The Gutters

Nobody wants to deal with water building up around their home or puddles forming on the lawn, in the driveway, or in front of the doors. So it's essential that your home's gutters are not damaged in any way and are completely clear of debris. If the gutters are scratched or look worn, replace them or paint them with a neutral color.

The Locks

Your home's locks are an extremely important aspect of its overall safety, but aside from making sure that all the copies are accounted for, the idea of actually inspecting the locks may not come to mind. But having them inspected can reveal many things, such as whether or not the internal locking mechanisms are cracked or not engaging properly. Have the locks inspected by a locksmith, or have them replaced altogether. Replacing the locks is a great idea if your old ones are scratched up and show other signs of wear.

These typically overlooked aspects of your home can make or break the interest potential tenants have in your property – and the more of them you take care of, the more you may be able to ask for your monthly rental rates. 


15 January 2015

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