4 Home Improvements To Make With Your Tax Refund

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A whopping 84 percent of the Americans who qualify for tax refunds use the windfall in less-than-exciting ways: reducing debt, investing it, or paying for everyday expenses. A mere seven percent, meanwhile, throw caution to the wind and head for the nearest shopping mall or travel agency. But it doesn't have to be one or the other. These four home improvements add beauty and convenience to your life while also improving the value of your home, and they're a great way to spend your refund.

1. Install French Patio Doors

French doors offer the ultimate in form and functionality: they allow sunlight to flow freely into your home without letting warm air escape in the winter. Leave them open in the summer for a refreshing breeze, or close them in cold weather to enjoy a chill-free view. French patio doors also allow you to extend your living space in the summer. If you're looking to maximize your patio or garden while welcoming fresh air into your home, French doors offer transformational appeal.

If you already have French patio doors, consider upgrading. The newest models offer a number of benefits over older versions, such as enhanced home security, better energy efficiency, improved durability and less maintenance. You can click here to continue reading about newer options. 

French doors offer a smart alternative to that whirlwind vacation by introducing a resort-worthy design element to your home which can be enjoyed year-round. 

2. Swap Out Your Door

When budgets are tight, it's hard to upgrade something that already works fine. But is "fine" really the impression you want to convey to visitors to your abode? Tax refund checks offer the perfect opportunity to made an improvement that would otherwise rank below less exciting homeowner tasks, such as cleaning out gutters and fixing the roof.

But not just any old door will do if you're looking to make a meaningful change. Choose one in a bright or unexpected color, such as bold red or cheerful yellow.  

Swapping out your front door is not purely cosmetic, though. A beautiful front door can also enhance your home's curb appeal and attract buyers if/when you decide to move.

3. Add Landscaping

Another way to up your home's resale value while also improving your quality of life? Landscaping. If you're tired of spending your summers trying to take control of your unwieldy lawn, your tax refund check offers an escape from the drudgery.

Check in with your local garden center to find out about potential services, or ask a neighbor with a comely lawn for a reference.  

Whether you add a fetching stone walkway or soothing water feature, these improvements can add value to your property while also making it a wonderful place to come home to. And what investment is better than opting to love the place where you live?

4. Add an Attic Bedroom

While upping your home's square footage in the form of an addition may exceed Uncle Sam's largesse, transforming an attic into a bedroom is less expensive, and a worthy investment. You may still have to add in a few dollars of your own to stretch the cash, but it's worthwhile:  when it comes time to sell your home, you may recoup a staggering 72.5 percent of the expense of adding an attic bedroom.  

Or, think about it this way: 

Tax Refund Check? $,9,000.

Cost of Adding An Attic Bedroom? $35,000.

The Joy of Not Listening to Your Kids Fighting in Their Shared Bedroom? Priceless.

There are only a few months between now and the dreaded Tax Day. If you're in the majority of Americans expecting a refund this year, why wait for your check to arrive before thinking about how you'll spend the money? While saving is savvy and spending is fun, these four home improvements offer a winning combination of both.


15 January 2015

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